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Giant Eagle Gluten Free Product List 2015

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HI Everyone!


I just wanted to share the Giant Eagle gluten free product list with you all! I'm not sure if anyone posted this before. It's new to me and very helpful. If you want to find a product just hit control F and a find box will come up. You can either type in the product or UPC code.


This really helped me! I just found out a few items that I've been eating once in a while were not on the list. :( But at least now I know..




Infertility since 1995/Endometriosis

Hasimoto Thyroid disease 1998

Enlarged Abdominal Lymph nodes since 2003 - Stable

Thyroid Hurtle Cell Cancer 2008 Stage 1- Total Thyriodectomy 2008

Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia/Fatigue - Gone with gluten free diet

Acid reflux -LPR 7-2009 - Gone with a Strict gluten free diet

Celiac disease - positive upper endoscopy & Blood Test 9-2009

Undiagnosed celiac for 20 years - Gluten free since 9-13-09

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