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Alopecia Aerata, After Gluten Free, How Long It Takes To Grow The Hair

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Glutenfree board members, I wanted to share my daughter's alopecia aerata condition and looking for any advice and suggestions based on your experience.

My toddler daughter (age 3) is experiencing Alopecia aeata, it started about 7-8 months back after a dose of antibiotics for her cold. Pediatrician and Dermatologists we saw in DC Metro area simply prescribed the topical liquid ointment without trying to address the root cause. We went to Homeopath in India. It got aggravated after we tried Homeopathy medicine couple of months back. Not sure whether it was medicine or the Auto immune disorder deciding take that form. Then we seeked assistance from a Naturopath in DC to identify the root cause. With the naturopath’s valuable advice we did the Cyrex tests (array 2, array 3 and array 4). Some Array 3 test results have shown she is allergic to gluten. Naturopath advised cutting off gluten and added few supplements (Iron, Vitamin D, Thyroforce) from Lab corp test results which indicated these deficiencies.
I wanted to check whether following numbers have any direct/indirect relationship to the alopecia aerata condition she is suffering.

Wheat IgG : Out of Range: 2.03 , Reference (0.3 – 1.5)
Wheat Germ Agglutinin IgG: Out of range: 1.52, Ref: (04 -1.3)
Native & Deamediated Giladin 33 IgG, Out of range: 2.80, Ref (0.2-1.2)
Omega Giladin 17-mer IgG: Out of range: 1.91, Ref (0.2 – 1.2)

Please note only IgG are out of range where as IgA are not.

Also other tests of diary and egg have come negative and cross food gluten tests also have come negative, although we have put her on goat milk. We have seen some improvements after shifting her to goat’s milk in terms of her energy level.

Since she is 3 and vegetarian, not sure what other changes might help. If you can think of any, please let me know.

Also, its 3rd week she is on gluten-free diet and on supplement, we have not seen any hair regrowth yet although falling has stopped. Anyone with experience, please let me know when to expect some hair growth (want to ensure at least we are heading in the right direction).

Thanks for your time and appreciate any help.



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If she has celiac disease and it is linked to alopecia, I would imagine that significant healing would have to occur (many months to years depending on intestinal damage).

Why weren't the standard tests for celiac disease given? The tests by Cyrex are not recognized by the medical industry as being valid:


I understand your desperation and frustration with medical doctors though so many of them do not understand celiac disease or other autoimmune disorders. Please research the University of Chicago's celiac website (a leading and respected researcher) for more information regarding testing.

I hope you find the cause.

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Osteopenia/osteoporosis -- June 2013

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Diabetes -- January 2014

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