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Autoimmune Diet, Cross Reactive Foods

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Hi all  :)

(Sorry for my English in advance)


I´ve been gluten-free for 1,6 yrs now but been very sick for past about 9 weeks. I have always been absolutely strict about my diet but recently found out I´ve been eating Marks and Spencer potatoe chips (ingredients listed: potatoes, sea salt, sunflower oil). Potatoe chips used to be my number 1 food on gluten-free diet as it was 1 of the very few foods I tolerate.

You can imagine how angry I got after MS answered my email about gluten it those chips. They said ´yes, there might be gluten´. I could not believe my eyes! I thought MS was one of the marks I could trust (you know, they do have notes about allergy-related traces on the rest of their products - so I would never assume those chips might contain gluten).


My gut is on fire the last 3 weeks and things don´t seem to improve. I feel like even pure water makes me sick now.

I´ve been suffering so much and can´t just accept the fact my life is hell because of other people´s ignorance  :(

I got kicked out of uni and lost so much money, social contacts..I feel like I definitely should sue MS but I doubt I would ever ´win´ as I don´t have my celiac diagnose ´on the papers´ (doctors have always treated me like..). I do not have any energy left but need the money I lost due to this long-time lasting poisoning myself.


I do not know what to eat now.

I am allergic to soy, safflower oil, peanuts, wheat, canola oil, castor oil, banana, kiwi, yeast..I can´t eat diary. I don´t tolerate fructose.

The only foods that don´t give me troubles ´normally´ (I mean when I am gluten-free and without inflammation going on) are:

meat (fish also), pecans, almonds, cacao powder, lime juice, tahini, egg yolk, arugula, potatoes (especially in the form of chips).

However I found out that every time after I get glutened (it happened 3 times during 1 year period), from 3 days after the gluten exposure and on, I feel like getting glutend over and over again everytime I eat either cacao, egg yolk, potatoes or sesame.

I´ve been wondering why is that and found some articles about autoimmune paleo protocol and it explains a lot.

Well, I would prefer it being a myth since as you can see, it would left me with meat and arugula only! And I simply can not eat like that. Where would I get starches from? Even low-fodmap vegetables make me sick (my body just really doesn´t like vegetables, nor fruits). 


What do you think about the AIP?

Does anyone have the same problem with ´cross-reactive´ foods after gluten exposure?

Has anyone ever had similar problem?

What do you think about cross-reactive foods? Is it a myth? If so - where do all those studies talking about it come from?

I am going to have more questions..


Im so tired. I can´t just wait lying in my bed anymore...

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Well, we at a lot of food from M & S last summer -- even their chips and did not get glutened. We were thankful that their items were clearly marked. But as a rule, we do not eat chips unless we are on vacation or at a party. They are not a healthy food! They should not be your number 1 food to go to! You may be reacting to potatoes (nightshades) or the oils. I suppose there is a chance of cross contamination. M & S is not going to guarantee that their chips are 100% gluten free. No manufacturer is going to do that. Legally that would be crazy.

Did you take a blood test for that allergy list? They are not very accurate and often can cause harm by encouraging people to limit their foods. Do the research at science-minded websites -- not quackery sites. Your best bet might be keeping a food journal and possibly rotating your foods. Eat a whole foods diet and consume cooked veggies as they are easier to digest on a damaged gut. What exactly are your allergy symptoms?

Cross reactive foods? I do not know. I do know to check reputable sites that are not trying to sell me anything or written by a blogger. Here is a published paper on the topic. Research more on this PubMed site:



I hope this helps!

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i just gluten poisoned myself last weekend, and even my "safe" foods are giving me trouble :(  it's the residual inflammation that takes awhile to go away, so, basically your body is just having to settle back down.  boy, it's been a long time since i messed up.  a harsh reminder of why we need to be so careful.  i believe i was cross contaminated from a meat slicer in a sandwich shop.  stupid move on my part!!  but, like i said, even my go-to foods are just running right through, so it's going to take time (14 days for me :(  )  in the mean time, i'm just eating bland, although i don't have much of an appetite.......


i don't believe there is scientific proof of cross reactive foods.  like cyclinglady said:  usually somebody trying to sell you something.  now, that being said, there are foods (like you) that i have a problem with (soy being one of them) so i mostly avoid them.  if i do eat some, i expect to have some distress in digestion, but nothing like the full on gluten reaction complete with fatigue and headache, body aches, etc and it doesn't last very long (say i eat something with soy in it, i will more than likely have loose bm, but just until the soy is out of my system)  have you tried a food journal?  helps to pinpoint the offending food and then avoid it for awhile.  some of us can heal up enough to add in foods that we weren't able to digest when newly diagnosed and still very damaged intestines.  good luck and i hope you feel better.  i, too, am lying in the bed, so, i hear ya...   :(


misdiagnosed for 25 years!
just as i was getting my affairs in order to die of malnutrition...
gluten free 7/2010
blood test negative
celiac confirmed by endoscopy 9/2010


only YOU can prevent forest fires - smokey t. bear


have a nice day :)

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

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