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Lymph Nodes

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Earlier this month, the mri of my neck revealed enlarged lymph nodes on both sides of my neck and one lymph node in my armpit area. Previous ultrasound of neck did not show anything. I got an MRI done because I insisted to check my neck thinking it would show atlas, c1,c2 thinking any problems with those would explain my headaches.  I did not know that this is actually a different kind of an MRI so instead I got this the MRI of neck-soft tissue.The radiologist who read my MRI said that I needed to follow up with otolaryngologist, who might decide to do a biopsy.  After looking at my mri, otolaryngologist said it was nothing to worry about. He said that he saw some inflammation and chronic tonsillitis. I complained about my tongue, which seemed to be stiff and painful on my left side. There were a few smaller lymph nodes and one a bit larger on both sides but mostly on my left. He prescribed me antibiotics. After taking them for 4 days, my tounge felt normal but a day or so after I stopped taking them it got a bit stiff again. It was my understanding that enlarged lymph nodes are associated with inflammation in the body, so thinking of celiac disease, after this appointment, I was not even thinking about this much. I was drinking ginger tea to reduce inflammation. However, I came across a post (somewhere online) where a guy was having similar symptoms and some people advised him to check for Hodgkin's lymphoma. I am now really worried.


Currently, my symptoms are:

feeling tired

heaviness and uncomfortable feeling in chest, but left side of chest more painful

constant weakness in hands and painful palms, even fingers/finger tips sometimes hurt but I do not see any swelling.

cold hands and feet

it feels like I have a low grade fever sometimes

eczema on my eye lid (small and showed up also this month), had some rash on my neck (which I have had before, it comes and goes)

tongue still feeling a bit stiff

lost some weight but i have been trying to follow AIP diet. However, I am not really hungry much either.


I no longer have headaches, and previous muscle twitching has almost gone away.


I am still waiting for the results of my tests for lupus, RA, and pernicious anemia. Cyclinglady helped me figure what my blood tests are for.


Does anyone know anything about this? I am tired of playing a doctor. It is such an emotional roller coaster and I am beyond scared. I wish there was one day that I did not have to worry about health issues. Please help if you can.


Thank you.

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You should test for the Epstein Barr virus (virus that causes mono). That causes pretty bad tiredness and that can cause your lymph nodes and tonsils to become inflamed. I was/am extremely tired and and was just told the virus is currently active in by body. I don't have the severe symptoms of swollen lymph nodes or fever (they say some people react mildly to the virus) but my muscles ache and I'm really tired. Try to get tested. 95% of adults have the virus and it can get reactivated at anytime if your immune system is low or if you're too stressed out.

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If the other tests show nothing and your still concerned ask for a CBC and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Those two blood panels are a good start to see if something is off.




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