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Currently, there is no medicine for Celiac disease.  The only cure is a strict gluten free diet.  It takes time, maybe months or even years to heal the damage.  

Look at this thread for some practical info - the newbie thread in the Coping section

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Mrs. Farhan, what country are you in? I Googled Aciolic & couldn't find any drug with that name. Apparently Quinox is Ciprofloxacin which is an antibiotic and Prednisolon is a steroid (Prednisone here in the US) and this is Buscopan:


Did the doctor tell you that he needs to eat strict gluten free? Because that is really the only he will heal. medicines will not heal him.

Here is a link for the Newbie 101 in the coping section that Kareng spoke of.

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