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Gluten Free Gum and Breath Mints

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We use Trident.  I am sure there are other gum manufacturers.   I recall that all Trident Gum is gluten free, so I purchase that brand because other brands might have a few products where gluten is involved.  Who has time to think in the grocery line?  Not me.  I am exhausted (not really) from reading labels once I get in line.

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I haven't seen gum with gluten but there are some candies and mints that list malt or barley malt as an ingredient.


Tic Tacs should be gluten-free.



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Tic Tacs use rice starch in them & there is nothing in the ingredients list to set off an alarm with me. I use them & have never had a reaction but I have only used the white ones. I did call them just after I went gluten-free 4 years ago & they said there are no gluten ingredients in them. 

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Be careful - Regular Peppermint Altoids in the regular size tins are gluten-free but the mini ones are not.  Regular Altoids are my mint of choice, but I'll go with white tic tacs if I'm out and can't get them.  I believe (but you should double check) that all life savers varieties are gluten-free, so their pep-o-mint and wintergreen would be ok:

This is from one of those Candy List websites:

Although Wrigley's online gluten-free statement is pretty cagey (saying most products are gluten-free but some might not be, and failing to specify which is which), a statement provided to me by a customer service representative says that all Wrigley products in the U.S. are considered gluten-free except for Altoids Smalls Peppermint Mints (which always have contained gluten in the form of wheat maltodextrin).

Wrigley also makes:

  • Creme Savers
  • Lifesavers
  • Skittles
  • Starburst

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