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Celiac and other problems

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I am a boy from Denmark who have fighting for many years with problems like chronic prostatitis, sinusitis , arthralgia, back pain etc ....!

It started in January 2011. I found out this year in February 2015 that maybe I was suffering from gluten intolerance. went on various diets . Got a blood test in August where I crashed out of celiac disease and had skin prick test that showed milk allergy. I've got antibiotics cures , probably more than 25 over the last 4-5 years due to sinusitis and prostate . It was wasted. But now I have histamine intolerance and salicylic acid intolerance too. I just took the meat out of the diet when I react.  

Now if I eat rice alone , I am pain free and symptom free . But if I introduce another it all falls to the floor and the symptoms come back . Are there others who have tried something like that?

I eat gut pro probiotics. I am considering trying fmt treatment .
Anyone who has tried it ? I am well aware of the small intestine to be whole again .
But I would like to have rebuilt my gut in the best way .
I've seen people here on the net who suffered from celiac disease who have tried fmt with good or fair results.

Greeting from Morten. :)


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Hi Morten,

For celiac disease, I have tried cutting out gluten.  I eat as many varieties of foods that I can.  Some foods help heal.  I do use probiotics and have for many years now.  I am getting well, and strong in spite of being sick for very many years.  I hope that you will grow up to be strong, comfortable, and yet careful to take care of yourself.



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