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Bloating - Slightly Different Issue Than Other Post

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Hi everyone,

I’m starting a new post because it seems my symptoms are a little different from the ‘regular’ bloating issues. I haven’t seen anyone with something like this so I wanted to see if there’s anyone out there experiencing the same thing, and maybe if they have found things that work.  It’s kind of embarrassing to talk about but I know these conversations are normal around here!

I do get the regular “as the day goes on” bloating, and I’ve never figured out why – other than, it usually starts around 2-3pm, and it only happens when I get hungry or if I have eaten a particularly unhealthy meal.  I usually eat lunch early (around 11), since I’m up early (around 5am). I do eat snacks after lunch, but I am still quite hungry by 2-3.  In an effort to not overeat, I probably usually stretch it longer than I should, and if I get too hungry, then it’s too late – it starts the bloat cycle. When that happens, I bloat up quite badly, usually cramping too, and then within several hours I pass a small “rabbit pellet/turd,” and within 30 minutes I am back to normal.  If I don’t or can’t ‘pass it’ then the bloating doesn’t go away (well, it would go away by morning time).

So what seems different about my situation is (1) it is brought about by hunger, and (2) the rabbit pellet (and subsequent quick clear-up) situation.

Thanks for any help!

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