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Smashbox lipstick NO LONGER gluten-free!

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I stopped by the Smashbox counter just before Christmas to find a new festive lip color.  The woman at the counter boasted that they just unveiled 25 new lipstick colors.  I was thrilled as Smashbox's selection of colors has been limited for years.  I immediately asked if the new colors were gluten-free.  She assured me that they were.  Being in a bit of a hurry, I did not read the tiny print of ingredients on the side of the box.  I quickly applied my new festive red, and set off for my holiday party.  I will spare you the details, but after 2 days of gluten related symptoms, (over Christmas), I finally read the tiny print of ingredients on the side of my new lipstick box.  Half way down the side of the box was the ingredient WHEAT GERM!!! That explained a lot!  Furious, I called the Smashbox counter that I purchased my new beautiful red lipstick from.  The manager happened to answer.  Even she claimed that all of their lipstick was gluten-free.  I told her to read the ingredients, and sure enough, wheat germ listed on each one!  I told her how disappointed I was that nobody at their counter new the formulation had changed, and they needed to stop assuring their customers that their lipstick was gluten-free!

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