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Gas - Can it really hurt?

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I am just wondering if anyone has experience very painful wind/gas?  The reason I ask is I often have lower left quadrant pain (left of umbilicus going down to groin).   I have had two gynecological scans - all is well, except one radiologist saw I had internal varicose veins, suggestive of pelvic congestion, that was overruled by a specialist - and also last week a sigmoidoscopy which showed a very healthy gut.   The only other thing that was remarked was when I was having the earlier scans was that I had a lot of wind!  

Early in the morning I have no pain but as the day goes on it worsens to the point that on a bad day the pain radiates into my hip.    Often following a BM the pain comes on suddenly and stays for the day.  

My gastroenterologist thinks it could be IBS or dairy. Yet sometimes it feels almost like gas or the BM is causing strain on internal ligaments, causing the pain.  A chiro told me a couple of years ago that I have inflammation in the sacroiliac joint so perhaps with this, the internal veins, a food intolerance - it is just a perfect storm.   When I do exercise again this pain is triggered.

I just don't know what tests to ask for next...:unsure:

Can anyone relate?  Any advice?




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Diagnosed by blood test and endoscopy Spring 2013

Adopted a gluten-free diet in May 2013



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