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Small exposure -> small reaction?

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Hi all,

I've posted before. I don't have an official diagnosis of celiac or DH, but I'm fairly confident I have celiac and I think DH is likely.

Anyway, I've been doing very well on the diet and my rash had mostly healed aside from scarring (dark spots); don't know if those will ever go away. This past weekend I tried a restaurant that was supposed to be celiac-safe (but isn't 100% gluten-free); dedicated fryers, etc. Several hours later, I got 1 single itchy blister in my usual area (the middle of my back), and about 2-3 more smaller lesions in the next couple of days. I actually didn't get any obvious gut symptoms this time, though I may have had some brain fog 2 days after that meal.

Does anybody else experience this? A very small slip-up leads to a very small reaction? It was also a salty meal (gluten-free fish 'n' chips; sounded great at the time), so it's entirely possible it was because of iodine in the salt. It was a small reaction, but still something I'd like to avoid...  it's frustrating how taking rare, small risks seems to backfire!

Thanks as usual for all the help on this board!

(Complete aside: I talked to my dermatologist a few weeks ago, and he seems to think I could be on the right track, but what he's seen "isn't diagnostic". He encouraged me to come in if/when I have a severe enough reaction that there might be something to biopsy. I think he understands too that a negative when gluten-free wouldn't be meaningful.)

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