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I, too, have been thinking about Barty lately and it was hard not knowing how she was doing.  This is still a shock and difficult to hear, knowing how hard she worked to recover from Celiac.  Her presence is sorely missed on here but I know I will never forget her. Rest in peace, dear Lady.  You made quite an impression on us all.  

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I didn't know Bartfull and I am fairly new here, but I wanted to say that I am very inspired by her commitment to live life on her own terms and I respect her outlook, her choice and her attitude. It is just amazing. Sending you all good vibes and a huge huge hug.

2.5 pounds at birth, anemic and now iron deficient and hope for normal levels once villi return.

Diagnosed Celiac myself then confirmed by blood test and endoscopy July 2018. Colonoscopy=normal! 
Seizures from 8yrs old to 32, then nothing until 45 yrs old, seizure on dec 1st 2018. No brain damage on MRI.

DDD in several discs, and 2 herniated cervical discs, 20 years of BODY pain, but MUCH better since gluten-free & yoga.

Plantar Fasciitis and neuromas in feet, arthritis in big toes. Tendonitis in lower leg, tennis elbow. Pain while walking since mid 2016 with all these issues, but better with physio/ schockwave therapy.

ON a gluten-free, vegetarian, low fodmap, no more than 2 ingredients in processed food diet. Blepharitis since mid 2016, but getting better recently after allergy discoveries: Soy, Lactose, Apples, Celery, Hazlenuts, Almonds.

Mononucleosis at 15yrs old for 6 months

Dedicated to doing better, living an easier life full of fun, getting rid of intolerances, pain and doing research to help myself and to help others.

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