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gluten-free Restaurants in South Lake Tahoe ?

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I am planning a trip to South Lake Tahoe and wanted to see if anyone on the forum might have some good suggestions for places to eat.  We're staying at the Mont Bleu for 2 nights.  I know the restaurants there are not particularly good options.

A friend recommended Freshies so we might try that.  I've also heard that Base Camp Pizza has gluten-free crusts.  A good breakfast recommendation would be nice to have.

Most of the articles I've read online are from people who are gluten-free by choice and was hoping to get some opinions from those of you who might know of places that are "safe".   I would hate to lose any time on the nickel slots because I got gluten-ed in Tahoe.

Thanks.  Any advice is greatly appreciated !

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I was there last in an RV, so no eating out.  Have you tried "Find me Gluten Free"?  Like you,  I look for reviews made by celiacs.

My advice is to pack your own food or purchase at a grocery store (if flying).  Being prepared can make your vacation more enjoyable!  

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