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Does this look like mild DH?

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Well I'm definitely not a pro, but I've looked at a lot of photos of late, and certainly it is consistent with some of what I've seen. That said there are a zillion types of rash out there that it could also be! Poison Oak can look like that, just to name one. Good luck with trying to figure it out! Get a biopsy if you can and don't quit eating gluten until you've done your testing (if you are still eating it). 

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It does, but DH for me looked different depending where it presented.  This would be similar to the lessions on my elbows and knees.  Itchy beyond belief....on my hands they would appear like small blood blisters, very sensitive, not itchy.  See a good gastroentrologist.  I saw three dermatologists and none of them diagnosed me correctly.  One said I had psoriatic eczema, another eczematic psoriasis, and most comically, at a top notch hospital, a contact nickel allergy.  Ultimately, I had to get diagnosed as a celiac with GI and blood tests before a dermatologist would listen to me and biopsy an elbow sore.  When it came back positive, they called and asked me to participate in a medical school show and tell because so few doctors have ever seen it.  I think they have, but they throw so many pharma products before they really consider what it is....good luck, stop the gluten and try not to scratch.

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