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7 month rash DH?

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I have had a rash since last August.  It started as a few itchy bumps on my neck/scalp and has since spread to my shoulders, lower arms/wrists, my low back/buttocks up my spine and lately my abdomen.  I have been looked at by my physician, sent to an allergist and then a dermatologist.  Ive had an allergy test and patch tests performed, without any conclusions. The allergyst suspected DH and sent me to the dermatologist who seems stumped. I have told them about the DH possibility but they didnt seem to give it much thought.  The dr put me on stronger steroids and said if it didnt knock out the rash biopsy would be next. ( although he still didnt mention DH )

I have been reading up on DH and I do have quite a few similarites.  No large blisters but the rash is crazy itchy in one area (sometimes stinging) then quites down and flares up somewhere else. Some of the bumps are tiny and raised the sice of a pin head (and sometimes broken open) and other areas are a bit largerer and patchy. All are frustratingly itchy and it seems worse in the evening.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated! 

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A biopsy for dh is done on a clear place NEXT to an active lesion. Anything else is not a dh biopsy. You MUST not have had oral steroids or steroid shots within 2 months prior to the biopsy AND you MUST have been eating gluten every day right up until the biopsy.

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