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I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac. And have been working so very hard and diligently to be as gluten free as possible. I started my gluten free diet Feb. 11th. And have slowly felt somewhat better. It is not the only AI issue I'm facing but the one I'm trying to tackle at the moment.  I am also fighting for the last few months an ongoing inner ear and sinus and tonsillitis infections. My ENT placed me on Clindamycin 300mg 3x day for 5 days as I'm having my tonsils and adnoids out soon to help with this ongoing battle. I made it to day four and looked like I was six months pregnent. My mouth hurt and had sores and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't eating gluten I had checked all my labels again.  Went to my gp she checked my antibiotic and sure enough it had a gluten binder.  I hadn't thought to check it cause it was a gel capped med. My mistake and it won't happed again. I still can nearly eat much and my poor stomach hurts beyond belief. It'll take some time. Got some probiotics and some bone broth going in my system. Its amazing how that sneeky devil is in so many things. Sorry had to vent. Thankyou for listening.

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13 hours ago, Charli61 said:

So, was it a generic then?  I just recently found out that most generic medications have a wheat based binder in them.  The article I read specified Generics.

This is not true (according to NIH, Pharmacist's Letter, etc.)  Be careful what you read in just one article.  I don't want people to worry that all their generic meds contain gluten.  Most do not.  It is best to always call the manufacturer first though just to be certain.  Better to trust the manufacturer than "one article".

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