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Ground coffee?

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On 4/9/2016 at 2:21 PM, AmandaD said:

Guys - Just double-checking...it's still okay to drink plain brewed Starbucks coffee right? I just bought a bag of it (ground) and wanted to drink some...

Plain brewed coffee is very gluten free, so enjoy!  In fact, I drink chai latte's from Starbucks and regular coffee ones too. I use soy milk and have never been glutened by those.  All the other drinks have a lot more ingredients and calories so I stay away from those.  Just tell them you have Celiac and they do a pretty good job with your drink.

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3 minutes ago, pmarbach said:

AmandaD do u drink the soy milk from Starbucks? just curious... I have and don't have a problem with it and there are no gluten ingredients but of course Starbucks will not say whether it is gluten free. 

I am not Amanda but I have always drank the soy milk at Bucky's without issue.  They will let you read the ingredients listing on the side of anything you ask them for.  Starbuck's will not say their products are gluten-free because of liability issues.  That is not necessarily a problem on their side but the fact that in America, people are so sue happy over nothing.  They prefer the safer way for them...letting the customer decide the risk, which is fine with me.  I would rather that than giving that responsibility to someone who has no clue.  Just because a product isn't swimming in gluten-free stamps doesn't mean there is any gluten in it.  I have been gluten-free for 11 years, am very sensitive and have never gotten sick at Starbuck's from anything.  I limit my drinks to a chosen few  and they do a good job with that. I have also never seen soy milk with gluten in it but I have not checked every single one.

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