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I've seen lots of posts about the quaker rice cakes having gluten in them, but all of them seem to be several years old. Here in Canada they are now certified gluten free, but I'm wondering if people are still having issues with them, as I believe that I was glutenated by them (very slowly mind you). The only real change in my diet lately has been the addition of these rice cakes. I was having one per day since Easter. I felt fine after eating them, however, very gradually I became bloated, and then bad reflux. Then the neurological issues hit. The bloating was so bad at one point! It makes me wonder if maybe they are *just* under the limit of gluten ppm. I took them out of my diet and started taking a digestive enzyme and I am slowly starting to feel better. I'm having other histamine/weird issues that make me believe that my antibodies are high and there is damage to my villi. Uggg. Anybody else still having issues with these rice cakes?

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    Thank you Ranchers Wife.  Since I'm asymptomatic, I would not know if I had gluten. I cannot imagine having to worry about getting sick from cross-contamination. 
    Hi Jenna1028, They test for DH by taking a small skin biopsy from clear skin next to a lesion.  If you have DH, you have celiac disease.  But, you need to be eating a gluten diet for 12 weeks (gluten challenge) before getting the skin bi...
    To the OP, once in a while this stuff happens.  Please feel free to start a new topic if that would make it easier.  I am afraid this is just part of forums on the internet. I hope this didn’t chase you off.  
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