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Hawaii: Kona and Lahaina

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I'm travelling to Hawaii in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone has recommendations on restaurants, particularly those that offer gluten-free vegetarian options? We are going to Kona on the Big Island and then to Lahaina, Maui.

We are staying in a condo in both locations and are hoping to eat in a few nights, so recommendations on grocery stores with good gluten-free sections would also be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,


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Greetings from Kona, There are a plethora of restaurants that offer gluten free and vegan / vegetarian options here especially if you let them know ahead of time.   Under the Bhodi tree with Chef Steve Rouelle  located in the shops at mana lani is  excellent. Most of the hotels all have options as well.  My son, Rob Love, is the chef at Copper Bar at Mauna Kea Beach Resort and can fix you up as he does me -- (Or I write him out of the will (^_^))  Four Seasons does a great job as well when  they know in advance.  By me there is a place called Local Wraps which has some gluten-free & Vegan options too. The BBQ jackfruit (without the  tortillas) is amazing.

Red Water Cafe, Merrimans are also well versed in gluten-free options, but like to know in advance.  If you just stop in they will have something but if they know in advance it will be something special and not just a gluten-free pasta thing.  Island Naturals grocery store has a fair number of items but choice mart, the store I use has a greta selection for a small local  market.  Safeway and Foodland and KTA, the large groceries, dont have too much.  No gluten-free bagels or breads there but the others do have them.  My wife and others bake gluten-free items for the SAturday Farmers market in Keauhou so if you let me know when  you'll be there ill make sure she has a good selection. ( I get the leftovers!) 

On Maui,

there is Mana Foods and a great Whole Foods  near the airport so its no problem to find things there.  The  hotels and restaurants  have some but not as much as in Kona. 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to try weird fruit while your here. I'm the director of the state fruit growers group and past president of the ACF Chefs in Hawaii.


HAve a great trip


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