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rash, does not look like DH and eye stinging/pain

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So recently, I have noticed a red rash come and go on my upper stomach where the pain is. It looks nothing like DH images I have seen. It is flat, blotchy and bright red.

I started to notice it when I first woke up and thought it was just an imprint from a blanket. 

But I noticed it last night after eating and again tonight after eating, no blanket. No change in detergent. 

I recently found out my adrenal gland may have bled so I thought maybe it was that since it is in that area. Then I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to contrast die I had in a CT scan. The only issue is that it has occurred at times when I was not scanned. So that is out. 

Since my body attacked my thyroid and adrenal gland and is now bothering my eyes, I am a little freaked out by my new rash and where the hell it is heading. 

So far, it is vanishing and reappearing and vanishing which I take to be a good thing! 

Anyone with stinging eyes with pain behind them and/or a rash on their tummy? 

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I experienced this last year after drinking a beer (before I went gluten-free obviously) and it progressed to rashes after eating any food, exercise, and heightened emotions. It's not welts like hives but flat, pinpoint dots that cover from my left lower rib all over my stomach. I occasionally experience it now but infrequently since going gluten-free due to Celiac but it definitely still happens. I endured testing ranging from skin-prick IgE food allergy testing to Carcinoid. I was told it is choligernic urticaria. I use antihistamine meds to mediate the histamine release if I do have an episode. 

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I would suggest discussing with Doctor. Having an autoimmune disease can lead to others. I get rashes that come and go but it's been diagnosed as psoriasis. I get stinging eyes and dryness this is connected to my thyroid as well as I've been diagnosed with blepharitis in my eyes which can be painful.  Suggest if skin problem persists seeing a dermatologist  and seeing  an eye doctor for your eyes. 

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