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question about "being glutened"

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I am still going through the testing process but it is looking like I am celiac so I have been doing a lot of reading.  The one thing that keeps popping out at me is people who are gluten free who get glutened and the bad reaction.  So currently I have a lot of symptoms and overall feel not great.  But once I go gluten free and then get glutened it seems the reactions are quite bad.  So it would be worse then how I am feeling presently?  Can someone explain how they feel when they get glutened?

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It's different for different people.  My theory is it depends on many factors-

- your personal pain threshold

- how much gluten in a hit

- how long you have healed

- a cumulative effect - a teeny bit on Tues at Grandma's, a little Wed night at a restaurant, etc.

- your own immune response

- what you eat with the gluten

- etc




and the fact that now you feel good, so you notice a small discomfort you might not have noticed before.  You feel sh&&@y -it's hard to tell if you fell a little bit worse

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