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It's seems like forever since I've been here. and I can already hear the gasps over this question. I don't know if its just me or everyone, but has anyone else seen a site on your facebook timeline about EINKORN flour? Has anyone actually had the nerve to try it? They say its an ancient wheat flour. So, no its not an alternative to wheat. It IS wheat. But its not modern wheat and they say it has 14 chromosomes to the gluten structure versus modern wheat flour having 42 chromosomes. It's not been modified and engineered. Supposedly. So, "THEY" aren't saying its glutenfree but they SUGGEST it could be a lot easier on us. I was just wondering if anyone had tried it.

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There was some older evidence that suggested that it could possibly be safe for those with celiac disease:

However, more recent research seems to contradict this:

Since there are so many good gluten-free options out there I wouldn't go that direction.

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