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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups- seasonal

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I am new to the gluten free life, and am confused and thinking maybe I am missing something in the ingredients I should be aware of. I know that the regular Reese's peanut butter cups are gluten free. I had one of their seasonal pumpkin shaped peanut butter cups after looking at the label and not noticing any gluten ingredients,  it also does not have the "gluten free as always" label on it either but assumed it was okay. About 2 hours later, I got sick and trying to determine what could have made me sick, I discovered that all lists, including the one of the Hershey's website says their seasonal peanut butter cups are not okay.

I messaged reese's on facebook to ask if the pumpkin shaped are gluten free, and this was their response: "Hi Jenica! Our REESE’S Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pumpkin does not contain any gluten ingredients. If any of our products contain sources of gluten, we would list the ingredient on the label. The label includes an accurate, current listing of the ingredients in our products, so always be sure to check! Hope this helps!"

I am confused as to why all lists, including their own, say the seasonal ones are not okay but the response I got told me they were? This is also the case with the regular milk chocolate bars as well, their list says only 1 certain size bar is gluten free, but when looking at the label on the miniature sizes, I do not see any difference.

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This comes from them using different facilities/molds/machines then the standard lines of their products. I am assuming the person you talked to was misinformed on the matter. I have had similar issues in the past before giving up and just making my own chocolates. Just stick to the ones that are labeled safe, if it made you sick then you can contact them on this for a refund of the product.

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