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Biopsy for DH

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Hi, I'm gluten free for 3-4 months. Last week I went to see dermatologist because of my rash on elbows knees lower back. She said that could be DH so she did biopsy, please can you tell me is it ok that she did biopsy because I was gluten free before thx

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The skin biopsy is most likely to be successful if you are still consuming gluten, and if you have NOT been scratching, and if you are NOT taking any steroids, either oral or topical.  Scratching and steroids can damage the saturated pattern that the pathologist is looking for.  They are also more likely to find something if you still have some fresh spots showing up.  A specimen needs to be taken from a clear bit of skin NEXT TO a lesion for the antibody test.  The doctor may biopsy a lesion additionally just for basic pathology though.  That's what my dermatologist did.  He took two specimens, one for antibodies and one for basic pathology.  Unfortunately for me, I had been gluten free for several weeks as part of an allergy elimination challenge.  I had also been scratching like mad, and had been using topical steroids and antihistamines, and antibiotics.  So I got a negative result and a bill for $500. :(  it's okay though.  I know my skin reacts violently to gluten, especially wheat.  So I will not be doing anymore tests. :)

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