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'Pending' blood test results

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Hello,  I've been anxiously awaiting my celiac blood test results for over a week now.  I phoned the lab to try and see if there were any results in yet and all the lady could tell me was that there was an IGA-ttg result back in the range 0-4 but the results are still pending.  I see 0-4 is the normal range for that particular test so does anyone have any ideas why they might say the results are still pending??  Thank you.  Margaret

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Welcome!  I am guessing that they are still running a few tests (perhaps an IGA deficiency test) or just have not formally finished the process (paperwork, quality checks, etc.).   It is hard to be patient!  Hang in there!  Let us know the outcome.  We are here to help.  

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Hi Margaret 

This may be no help at all but at my surgery a wait for up to three weeks is not unusual.  I live in the UK - not sure if this wait is because of a backload of cases or something to do with the actual test requiring more time than the average blood test.  I just mention this in case you're in the UK, too.

I wasn't bothered that my tests took so long because my doctor never told me she was testing me for celiac disease - it was done with a slew of other tests and was the last set of results to arrive.  

All the very best.


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