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I put this in my diagnosis thread, but I wanted to start one specifically on low cholesterol.  Went gluten-free in March 2013 and just got my cholesterol screen back, and my numbers are the lowest they've ever been.  I'm thinking my fat malabsorption problems may have returned.  I eat a high fat diet, so there's no reason these numbers should be so low.  I know having cholesterol and triglycerides are a good thing, so what are your thoughts...is my cholesterol going to stay low?  If yours improved about how long did it take, and how many points did it improve?  

All the articles I've found are about lowering one's cholesterol and very limited information is out there in regards to low cholesterol, and its long term effects.  I'd like it up around 170 again.  Thanks for your input :)


Fasting October 2010:         Total 171     HDL 52     LDL 96                          Tri 116

Non-Fasting April 2012:       Total 153     HDL 60     LDL NA                         Tri NA

Fasting April 2013:               Total 135      HDL 52     LDL Did not register   Tri Less than 45

Fasting July 2013:                 Total 155     HDL 63     LDL 82                           Tri 49     VLDL 10

Fasting April 2014:               Total 145     HDL 57     LDL Did not register     Tri Less than 45

Fasting April 2015:               Total 159     HDL 55     LDL Did not register     Tri Less than 45

Fasting November 2015:     Total 140     HDL 51     LDL 79                            Tri 46

Fasting November 2016:     Total 127     HDL 51     LDL 68                             Tri 40    VLDL 8


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I am happy to seem a posting from you, but not happy that you might be having issues.  I am not an expert in cholesterol and can only go by my personal experience.  A very low cholesterol in my research is just as bad as having a high one in terms of risk for cardio.    My numbers (for decades) were very low (off the top of my head the total was 116 and HDL a 32).  Doctors were always happy.  I am on a LCHF diet now (3 years) and my total is 170, HDL 62 and tri 48 and LDL 120 (around there).  My PCP was not happy with the higher LDL, but that was not broken down not density particles, so I am not worried.  Lowered Tri levels have been affected by my reducing sugar and the rest by increasing fats (I have diabetes).  

It is your lowered LDL number that is concerning.  That seems to be related to fat absorption.  You stated that you eat plenty of fats. What were these tests given a few years ago that diagnosed you with malabsorption of fats or pancreatic issues?   Can those be repeated?  Any testing to see if gluten has been somehow sneaking into your diet?  


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My cholesterol was always in the toilet, pre-diagnosis.  My total was 125 and my HDL was in the low twenties.  The LDL was super low also. Doctors thought that was so great but the dopes didn't realize that having your cholesterol that low was a warning sign.  It should not be that low.

It slowly crept up over the next 7-8 years until it reached around 160-170 for total. So, I figured that I was healing. Then I had it done in the Spring of 2015 and it was 200 for total cholesterol, Tri levels were healthy low around 50 and my LDL had jumped to 110.  However, I was pleased as punch that my HDL was 82! 

The AMA have reduced the LDL normal to <100, when before it was <130.  Do I worry about an LDL of 110?  Not with an HDL of 82 and rising.  The reason my total made the jump to 200 was because of the HDL.

So, I would say that if your numbers are tanking again, you should look into malabsorption testing.  Your other numbers are not bad but your total is too low.

Glad to see you back!  :)

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