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Anemia and Deficiency Induced Cravings

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I find it funny how when my gut acts up, bleeding increases, or I lower my protein powder intake, I start getting odd cravings for random things covered or cooked in chocolate. I mean like really odd things, everything must be chocolate, and sweets galore (end up making protein powder shake ice cream every day) . Also get cravings for almonds (I end up binge eating them by the handfuls), fish (can't really digest it), and oddly enough dirt.....this last one I ignore and find cocoa and pea protein mix satisfy it. My dietician told me these cravings are characteristic of iron and mineral deficiency and blood test did show anemia. Funny story here, I once got a craving for chocolate covered fish tacos.....well being unable to eat this anyway I ended up making a taco filling of flax meal, almond meal, egg whites, cocoa, bonito flakes, taco seasoning, and eating it rolled up in lettuce leaves covered in a mix of salsa and taco seasoning......Tasted oddly great but I blame the cravings and doubt it would taste good normally. Though experimentation has proven that pasta sauce is great with a bit of cocoa stirred in even without the presence of the anemia.

Anyone else have any odd stories of crazy cravings and trying to satisfy them?

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Pica is a classic anemia (iron deficiency) induced activity as well as craving ice.

Chocolate cravings usually indicate a Magnesium deficiency.  Chocolate and Nuts especially Almonds and Cashews are the best dietary sources of Magnesium.  And explains your strange cravings for Almonds and Chocolate.

See this post where I talk about the bodies need for Magnesium in either the CITRATE (highly bio-available) or Glycinate form.

We are said to waste away when we don't  have enough Magnesium in our bodies.  I used to have fatigue problems despite being gluten free until I took Magnesium CITRATE 200 mg 3/day plus bedtime for restful, peaceful dreams.

Eating carrots or other foods high in beta carotene can help with iron absorption.  Also discussed in this thread. but be sure to eat the carrots with other fats in the meal to aid absorption Vitamin A being a fat soluble Vitamin such as your favorite dip or salad dressing.


Magnesium is to the animal the way chlorophyll is the plant.  We can can not make energy without and fatigue issues, cramps, sleep problems (too much or too little) follow etc.  One hour before bedtime can helps insomnia. 3/day plus bedtime helps people who have chronic fatigue and have sleep (nap) through out the day to make it through the day.  People who take it describe the affects it has on their energy levels as miraculous because before their body was not able to make energy enough before to function all day long.

See this huffpost article about why this  is so that you crave dirt and why it can helpful for people for people with either GI problems and/or anemia.


The livescience link in this article explains in more detail what actually is happening inside when our bodies wisely tells us dirt (clay) can help use.


The antidiarrheal Kaopectate actually gets its name from a clay once used in its product.

I hope this is helpful.






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