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Scott Adams

News: Celiac.com: Dear Annie: Gluten-free diet not just a fad

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I just don't feel it's anybody's business what you do or don't eat or even why. Unless it's a trusted friend, family member or doctor or health professional it's really nobody's business. If someone acts aggressively about the food you eat then why even be around them period, because they are going to have the same abusive attitude about lots of other things to feel a sense of power. If it's a complete stranger like a waitress or cashier then walk out because you can't trust this establishment. If it's a family member walk our or completely blank them because you can't trust them. People like this are basically schoolyard bullies. It's not a case of "they don't understand" it's a case of "I've found a vulnerable or sensitive issue that I can use to make myself feel better" in the way a bully does. Or a troll. They don't actually care one way or the other so cut them off. Forget those people, there's a million better things to think about. Obviously my opinion.

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I hate the looks, and jokes I get from others about my issues. Allergic with major reactions to corn, peanuts, and olives on top of celiacs. Those are the huge NOs as any bit of even cross contamination can make me really sick. People joke about it and laugh about it at markets, and other places. I normally just walk off and avoid them from then on. But some issues like family, co workers, or people who work commonly at places you visit are the hardest to deal with on these issues I will admit. My parents and close friends have seen me get violent and violently ill when exposed to gluten, and seen me just sick and throwing up exposed to the others. But I have a few stories of others like a guy that works at my dads shop who goes out of his way it seems to go out and get something with corn, peanuts, or wheat then touch every bloody surface he thinks I might come in contact with then blow it off as no big deal. We have even banned him from eating in the place after he got me sick several times, now he just a subtle ass about it. I even offer to buy him gluten-free foods and a cook whole meals for him and he goes out and gets the worse stuff possible outside the shop then starts rubbing his hands on door handles, desk, tools etc. and nothing we can really do about it......These are the ass%$@#s I truly hate, they think it is a fad and try to force their ideals upon you thinking your faking regardless of you getting sick.  Side note after this last issues with us getting him on camera eating corn puffs and a burrito outside then smearing his hands on the door handles and my desk.....he has been given notice he has til January to get a new job. Til then I have to keep wearing gloves over there and cleaning like crazy.

Diagnosed Issues
Celiac (Gluten Ataxia, and Villi Damage dia. 2014, Villi mostly healed on gluten-free diet 2017 confirmed by scope)
Ulcerative Colitis (Dia, 2017), ADHD, Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome (form of autism)
Allergies Corn, Whey
Peanuts (resolved 2019), Cellulose Gel, Lactose, Soy, Yeast
Olives (Seems to have resolved or gone mostly away as of Jan, 2017), Sesame (Gone away as of June 2017, still slight Nausea)
Enzyme issues with digesting some foods I have to take Pancreatic Enzymes Since mine does not work right, additional food prep steps also
Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
Occupation Gluten Free Bakery, Paleo Based Chef/Food Catering

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My gosh! Ennis have you tried to call the cops on that jerk? If he's trying to hurt you or make you sick on purpose, he should get in trouble with the law! I mean you have a legitimate medical diagnosis, you warned him several times, he kept doing things like this and you got sick several times, and then you caught him on video doing it again. That's enough to have him convicted. If someone intentionally tries to trigger someone into an allergic reaction (especially with peanuts, holy crud) can't that be considered attempted murder??? 

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