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My GP has advised a two week gluten challenge. I've never fully removed gluten from my diet but for the past year I've eaten smaller quantities. 

I'm on day 7 of the challenge and I've had the worst headache and bloating that I've had in ages! I feel sick and the thought of eating more wheat makes me shudder. My previous bloods have shown inflammation and high igA levels on and off. 

What exactly do they look for in the igA levels? Could high igA alone suggest I'm coeliac? Would one more week of eating gluten really be enough time? How long does it take to then see a gastro for a biopsy on the NHS? 

I'm wondering as I'm running out of time to be tested before I go travelling for 6 months and my GP isn't coeliac aware as such 



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Hi Holistichealth,

The university of Chicago celiac center recommends 2 weeks of eating gluten before the endoscopy, and 12 weeks of eating gluten before the blood antibodies test.  They also recommend 1/2 slice of bread a day for the challenge period.  You don't need to eat a lot of gluten each day, just that 1/2 slice of bread or equivalent.


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