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I've read contradicting things online about Annatto food coloring, and I can't find a definitive answer. Some sites say it's safe but others say it can become cross contaminated in processing. I am a cheese addict, most cheeses (mainly cheddar and longhorn) I can eat with no problem, but the last few days I have felt seriously glutened. The only thing I've done differently is the brand of cheese I am eating. The only questionable ingredient is the Annatto. Has anyone else been sensitive to Annatto just randomly like this, with the same product and same ingredients, just a different brand? 

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I get very ill from annatto. Obviously not everyone does and Ennis uses it in vegan cheese. But this Australian site for the Failsafe diet for children focuses on eliminating additives that affect them. Annatto is natural and they started using it in more products recently instead of an artificial color. However, it is something that causes some to have reactions, including psychological ones. (Temporary it seems.) When I ingest it I'm jumping out of my skin, get headache and vomit.  Now that I look for it it's in so many things including Annie's cheese crackers for children. I was trying to find an explanation of why they think it can cause adverse effects but can't find it. Clearly some can eat it happily but I'm definitely not one of them.  I don't know the answer about cross contamination though, just that the substance itself can make people sick.



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