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16 hours ago, knitty kitty said:

There are fairly cheap glucometers (blood sugar testing devices) that you could purchase over the counter.  You could test your blood sugar level during those times you feel weird.  Blood sugar levels can change quickly.  I can test fine while I'm sitting, but as soon as I get up and start moving, it can drop.  

Since you had a scope and nothing was found, don't worry about diverticulitis.  It would have shown up like a flashing neon light.  Try sleeping propped up on pillows, so you're still at an angle.  Going from a sitting position to a flat on your back position might be overwhelming your fluid filled intestines right now.  Gravity helps digestion.

I know how frustrating all this must be to you, but keep searching for answers.  You're your own best advocate.  Keep a journal of symptoms and things you've tried and things that help. 

One last thought is to take niacin.  Or a good B complex vitamin.  The B vitamins are water soluble. You lose them quickly with diarrhea and malabsorption.  I had diarrhea so bad and so long that I developed pellagra, a niacin deficiency.  The four D's of pellagra are diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death.  Pellagra is overlooked by physicians today.  I had a rash around my neck and on my forearms and had very bad diarrhea.  I developed dementia, mine was so bad.  It felt like my brain was on a dimmer switch that was being turned down. I couldn't do math, or knit(!!!) or do routine things without a LOT of focusing. It was like Hulk-sized gluten ataxia.  Once I started on Niacin supplements, I improved greatly.  

Remember to discuss with your doctor.

Yup, I have a monitor because low blood sugar was suggested. I have never caught it low myself. I will say the horrible near passing out episodes decreased when I stopped working out and are sometimes helped by eating. But they are not entirely gone.

I have put a pillow under my mattress to elevate the head of the bed.

I do have a sublingual vitamin b12. I stopped the b complex because it raised my folic acid. But I certainly could add it a couple of times per week.

I will discuss w/ the doc. I know my vitamin E was a tad low in August and shot right up on an E supplement. So maybe just a bit of nudging.



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