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Seafare Pacific foods, Bilinski meats, Jullian Bakery

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Here is the response I just got from Oregon Seafoods:

" We are absolutely are 100% gluten free facility and all of our products are safe to eat. The tuna is naturally gluten free but we also make a variety of different soups and therefore have had those third party verified as gluten free. "

They have a variety of canned tuna and salmon along with soups.

Here is the reply I just got from Bilinski:

"Thanks so much for your interest in Bilinski's! All of our products are gluten free, including our chicken meatballs and breakfast patties, and we do not use or store any ingredients that contain gluten in our facility, so there is zero chance of cross contamination. We also make sure to completely separate any potential allergen ingredients, such as cheese, from non-allergen ingredients, and thoroughly sanitize our machines between each batch to eliminate the chance of crossover so that our products are as allergy-friendly as possible. "

They have different kinds of meatballs and sausages.

Here is one from Jullian Bakery:

"We are a gluten free dedicated facility, however We aren't certified. None of our items have gluten! We are a 100% gluten free bakery."

They make paleo bread and wraps.

Hope this helps out.


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