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When you get randomly poisioned

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So something is not agreeing with me, bloated, gassy, and cramping really bad. I can press where it is painful on my gut and hear a loud gurgling sloshing noise and get a pain that pulses from the front to back with extreme pain. So process of elimination of what is new in my diet, It could be the lettuce I just got cross contaminated, It could be the roma tomatoes I just got, It might also be from the  LorAnn Oils Artificial Peanut extract I was using this morning, or their german chocolate syrup I used a bit in my morning coffee. ........Or it might be something I touched with my hands on my morning walk that perhaps did not wash off........Ugg times like these I wish I and a bunch of free test kits and could test everything instead of throwing stuff away or trial and error repeating results.

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I would tend to look at the ingredients in your artificial peanut extract and the chocolate syrup.  Something there probably bothered you. 

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