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Does this look like DH or Gluten-induced Eczema?

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So over the past few months I've developed these red patches on my arms and legs. I'm not entirely sure what they are and they seem like they could be DH, eczema or a mixture of both. They do seem to be focused around the hair follicles in some pictures so there's that. 

My main reason for even suspecting DH is because my sister has celiac's. My mum was diagnosed with IBS and has eczema, and it could be that she has been misdiagnosed but that's another story. 

Another reason is that I've read Celiac's can cause growth problems in teenage years. Although I'm normal height now (though shorter than my older brother and dad), I didn't really start growing until I was 18. 

I should point out that I've never had any gut symptoms myself. Just want to get your thoughts on whether these pictures even look like DH?





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