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Scott Adams

Can Non-Dietary Sources of Gluten Make You Sick?

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Just when you think you've heard everything, something brand new enters the arena. When it comes to non-dietary sources of gluten, I think of things such as lipstick (it's not a food but we still eat some of it), Play-Doh (also not a food but if you've ever seen children playing with it, you'll note that some ingestion occurs), and some cosmetic items like body lotions and shampoos.

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Not sure how this showed back up - it was first written in 2014.  As I remember - this "study" had some issues that were not resolved.   I was hoping to see some new info on this case. Perhaps more people with the same issue?  Tests showing gluten leaching out of plastic?....

From what I remember, the issues with the first report on this case were -

- its just 1 case.  There were no other reported cases of glutening by a dental retainer.  

- the manufacturer never confirmed gluten in the retainer

- no one tested the retainer to see if it was leaching gluten proteins or even contained them

- the child"s ttg drastically declined declining while wearing the retainer


 With a very very high ttg at diagnosis,   could this have  been this child's natural progression to a normal ttg?  It can take a year for numbers to go all the way down.


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