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Dealing with Acne at 15 years.

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Hello! As of writing this I'm a 15 year-old sophomore in high school going through mild acne. 

My acne started at the beginning of this school year and I began to realize it was picking up gradually. Eventually I decided to make a change. 

Ive been gluten free, organic foods since about the 7th grade, but no until this year I looked into taking my diet more seriously. As of right now, my daily diet consists of this.

Breakfast: Eggs with bacon, Bread & butter. Good amounts of water.

Lunch: Salad (chicken breast and lettuce), homemade natuaral applesauce, and egg salad sandwich. Plenty of water.

Dinner: Varies often: Brown rice with chicken, steak or meats in general. Banana (usually one daily), homemade natuaral applesauce, homemade natural jello.

Keep in mind all the foods mentioned are gluten free and organic.

I've also tried many products, trying them weeks at a time, all which haven't worked and at the moment I'm trying the proactiv solution. (Twice a day, everyday) It hasn't made my face better overall, and it hasn't made it look horribly worse. Im kind of stuck in between on the product portion. Don't know what to do or what to try.

I should mention I play sports everyday (in between of the AM & PM Proactiv Routines) and sweat normally. Not too much, not too little.  

Ive been doing all these treatments for about 2 months, and my face hasn't been getting better. Just looking for someone in my shoes to help me out with this. It's very stressful and as a sophomore in high school taking various AP classes it only builds up more. Just looking for help and suggestions from anyone!! Thank you so much to anyone who can give some help.

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Hi Rogelio,

Welcome to the forum :)

Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease?  You didn't say in your intro so I thought I should ask.

There is a skin condition associated with celiac disease called dermatitis herpetiformis.  It causes a very itchy skin condition that is symmetrical on the body.  Meaning you have the rash on both arms, or both legs or other areas.  Testing for DH involves taking a skin biopsy sample from next to a lesion but not on it.  If you have DH you have celiac disease, as only celiacs get DH.


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Disclosure....I'm not a teen, but I have a 15 year old daughter, who like you, is taking AP classes too.  Stress can really impact your health and your acne, so can a lack of sleep.  She just finished her finals this morning.  What a relief!  She told me that she had one academic friend who swears by doing her homework at 2:00 am!  Well, all those cups of Starbucks and late nights did not pan out.  Her friend is pulling a few B's (which is fine, but this girl is super smart, but not smart enough to get enough sleep).  

Acne seems to be a right of passage.  I think (I am not a doctor) that genes come into play.  You seem to be eating well (hopefully, that bread is gluten free if you are a celiac).  Seems like you should start adding in more veggies and less white carbs (like that bread).  My daughter has some acne too.  So, she washes her face three times a day and her hair (very long) every other day.  She was playing water polo last year and her face really cleared up due to the pool water (she was in it seven days a week) and keeping her hair clean.  Since she's taking a late AP class, she had to drop water polo.  So, she washes her face AM and PM, but also right when she gets home.  Keeping the oil off her face is helping (and I am so old that I have to add old to mine!)

There might be a connection to celiac disease and acne, but my daughter has tested negative. 

Don't let it get you down.  I am the Band Uniform Mom and am on campus a lot.  Most kids are just like you!  For the girls, they get to cover with make-up.   Guys seem to have to tough it out.  But really, people are not looking at your acne.  They are looking at YOU!  


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I've been doing a lot of study of medical literature lately.  It seems there is an extremely high corrolation between acne, at any age, and dairy.  Adults that had significant acne in their teens will find they do much better, overall, on a dairy free diet.  I didn't specifically see any dairy in your diet, but maybe it's hiding in places you don't realize... like salad dressing, sauces, cream soup, etc??  Something to think about!

Debbie (retired RN)

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My husband suffered from severe acne until he was in his 40s, has multiple scarring.  It only stopped when he became an ovo-pesco-vegetarian (he can eat fish, eggs, and lowfat dairy fine).  A Dr recently mentioned there is a kind of allergy that can cause this.  Be sure to get dietary advice if you stop eating meat for any length of time.

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