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Eating Gluten After 3Mo. gluten-free (Wheat Allergy,NonCeliac)

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I was recently tested for food allergies & came back with an high intolerance to wheat, oat & casein. I also have high/positive ANA tests and my primary care physician believes that ingesting gluten can bring on the development of lupus and other auto-immune diseases. After learning this, I immediately changed my diet and began eating 100% gluten-free for the past 3 months. Fast forward to today, and I cheated and went crazy eating pizza. Now I'm experiencing complete lethargy, sleepiness and symptoms of a tight chest or like pain when I breathe in. I am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced similar feelings? I never had a symptoms of a gluten intolerance before I was tested for it, so I know my symptoms may not be as severe as those with Celiac. Is there anyone with just a gluten-intolerance or wheat allergy that had gone off their diet and experience symptoms?


I appreciate any feedback as I am extremely new at this!



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Hi Erine,

If you have symptoms from eating gluten then I'd venture a guess that gluten isn't good for your body.

Some people would say I  am NCGS but Dr. Fassano said he thinks I  have celiac so I go with that.  Even though my tests results were negative after 4 months on the gluten-free diet.

I have a variety of symptoms when glutened, and they are different in some ways than they were when I first went gluten-free.  Fatigue was definitely one of my symptoms though.   Bloating, gas and gut pain were common also.

Celiac disease is not an allergy though.  So the testing for allergies won't find it.  Allergies are an IgE type of immune response, while celiac disease is an IgA or IgG immune response.  So different tests are needed.

If you are gluten-free already then you wold need to do a gluten challenge to be tested for celiac disease.  The celiac testing is blood antibody tests and then an endoscopy later.  The gluten challenge is 2 weeks of eating gluten before an endoscopy or 12 weeks of eating gluten before the endoscopy.

The Newbie 101 topic linked below may help with some questions.

Welcome to the forum Erine! :)


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