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18 hours ago, rugenzj said:

I have struggled with acne for some time now, and i thought finding out i had celiacs was gonna clear me up, well, unfortunately here i am and no such luck.   i have read online that giving up dairy for others had helped. im glad to hear it was worth it for someone, gives me confidence to take the step myself. 

Dairy-induced acne actually runs in my family, so it definitely happens. My mom would always break out with dairy, especially cheese. My brother would (maybe he still does? I dunno) and I always knew I did. I majorly cut back on dairy for a month before my brother's wedding to clear up my face for photos. 
Oddly enough my back acne cleared up after giving up gluten, but it wasn't until I gave up dairy again that my face started looking better (except for this week, but that's for other reasons).

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