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SPAM gluten free, anyone know about the ingredients are safe too?

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I have eaten SPAM without getting glutened.  There is a case of it in my garage (earthquake food).  Hormel does not test the final product (not certified gluten-free).   It is regulated under the USDA not the FDA.   The Gluten Free Watchdog (kind of a Consumer Reportsh has tested Hormel canned Tamales and Hormel's bacon pieces and they tested under 5 ppm (which is the lowest anyone can test).  So, i think The company has good manufacturing practices.   It contains potato starch.    I just buy the regular or low-sodium versions.  Is it healthy?  That is another topic, but in an earthquake, we are all eating it (even my kid who hates it).  

If adding it to fried rice, make sure the soy sauce is gluten free.  



But....always read the product label as ingredienats can change.  

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Depends on what other sauces/flavorings you add.  Rice vinegar is fine, but check the Oyster sauce if you use that.  Soy sauce contains wheat, but there is a gluten-free soy sauce.

Nice for you to offer.  As a celiac i would worry about eating at someone's house because cross contamination is a huge problem (wooden spoons, cutting boards, etc.) So, I would cook together.  As long  as you just cook rice in your pot or cooker, that is fine.  The frying pan, if stainless, should be run through a dishwasher.  Cast iron and tephlon (non-stick) pans can harbor gluten in scratches.  Cut on a paper plate, new chopsticks, etc.  It can be fun and then your  friend will be assured that it is safe as she/he is overseeing food preparation.  Your friend can even bring some kitchen tools and her own frying pan.  Let her read all labels!  

I just had some celiacs over.  We baked gluten-free cookies.  It was informal and fun baking in my kitchen.  

Have fun!  

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Well, it could make her sick but not because of gluten.  She might have issues/ intolerances with all the nitrates and perservatives in SPAM (that stuff could probably survive a nuclear war, hence it is in my earthquake kit).  How long has she been gluten free?  A newbie might not fare well with SPAM because her gut would still be damaged.  Then i would focus on simple foods like plain rice, fresh fish or meat and veggies.  Save the musubi for later.  

Friendship does not need to center on food (though culturally it is a biggie).    A nice hike or museum trip is fun!  We just hiked to the original "Bat Cave" from  the 1960's Batman TV series and then to the top of te Hollywood sign.    It was so much fun!!! 

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