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Hashimoto's False positive?

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TTA 83 ( high)

endomysial   Antibody  Positive

endomysial  antibody titer   1: 160 ( high)

IGA serum  236 ( normal)

could the Hashimotos be giving a false positive?   I am waiting for biopsy results   What should I ask doctor   I assume if biopsy show celiac damage I have it   What if biopsy shows normal intestin ?   Does normal IGA Serum mean anything? 

what do these readings suggest?  just curious    Some of you ate more knowledgable then ghe doctors.

Thank you  






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It looks (no ranges provided) like have two positives (TTG and EMA) on the celiac panel (I think you made a typo on the "TTA".  The IGA serum (in the case of celiac testing) is just a control test to see if the TTG IGA test is valid.  With two positives it is unlikely that your Hashi's is creating a false negative.  

A biopsy is the next step (sounds like this has been done).  Keep eating gluten daily until you have finished all testing.  I would not worry about "what ifs".  Just move forward with the diagnostic procedure.  If it turns out to be celiac disease, learn all that you can about the gluten free diet.  Even if negative, you might consider the diet.  The small intestine is the size of a tennis court if stretched out.  Easy to miss damaged areas.  Hopefully your GI took plenty of samples.  

Hang in there.  It is tough waiting!

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