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Russian Tea Recipe

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Bit of a recipe from my grandmas kitchen. NOTE be careful  with mulling spices alot of them have barley in them, I use Spicely Organics, but I know someone else who has had success using a box of red hots in the top of the urn instead, I sometimes replace some of the water with more apple cider to reduce the needed sugar.  This was always a thing for my family back when we used to get together for the holidays.

2 cups boiling water
4 tea bags
2 cups orange juice
1 cup lemon juice
1 cup grape juice
4 cups apple cider
8 cups water
1 cup pineapple juice, adjust to taste
1/4 to 3/4 cup mulling spice, adjust to taste (You can sub red hots here)

1. Pour boiling water over tea bags; allow time to steep to desired strength.
2. Combine tea with remaining ingredients in coffee urn with mulling spice in the urn’s basket.
3. Brew and serve, add sugar to taste

Diagnosed Issues
Celiac (Gluten Ataxia, and Villi Damage dia. 2014, Villi mostly healed on gluten-free diet 2017 confirmed by scope)
Ulcerative Colitis (Dia, 2017), ADHD, Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome (form of autism)
Allergies Corn, Whey
Peanuts (resolved 2019), Cellulose Gel, Lactose, Soy, Yeast
Olives (Seems to have resolved or gone mostly away as of Jan, 2017), Sesame (Gone away as of June 2017, still slight Nausea)
Enzyme issues with digesting some foods I have to take Pancreatic Enzymes Since mine does not work right, additional food prep steps also
Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
Occupation Gluten Free Bakery, Paleo Based Chef/Food Catering

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