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For awhile now I have had issues with sodas, I am allergic to corn, react bad to sugary carbs, and aspartame, and acesulfame potassium really mess me up. So I started making my own soda with sparkling mineral water and SweetLeaf Sweet Drops cola, and Rootbeer Flavors and a bit of NuNaturals Stevia Simple Syrup or Monk Fruit Extract.      

But I recently discovered Zevia sodas, full on bubbly, not quite as sweet as the real thing or what I make, but they have other flavors I can not make. They are all gluten-free certified, no really bad artificial sweeteners, non GMO and most even have a new clear version with no coloring added. Been great to have a Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Dew Knock off to treat myself now on a rare occasion. Figured I would share this finding with others who might want to treat them selves a bit.


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