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Archer farms ham gluten free?

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I am new to this gluten free thing.  We found out my son needs to be Gluten free.  We have an Archer Farms Brand from Target in the freezer.  I am wondering if it would be gluten free or not? I am thinking I may just need to leave out the glaze packet and make my own??  Can anyone help me with this?  I don't want to give it to my son if he'll have a reaction. 


Thanks in advance for the help.  I truly appreciate any help!! Like I said we are new to this whole thing!! 



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Like Karen said, read the label (you have to learn how to do this anyway) even if it means googling every single word).  Soon, you will know all the words related to gluten (keep a list with you on your phone or wallet.)  In the beginning it is best to avoid most processed foods as a damaged tummy often has developed various and often temporary intolerances.  So, in my case, I would eat the ham but leave off the glaze.   The odds of gluten in the glaze are much higher.  Am I making sense?  

If a product has a long list of ingredients, I do not buy it anymore (even certified gluten-free junk food).    I guess having celiac disease has made our family choose healthier options.  

Learn to bake and freeze.  I have cupcakes and cookies in my freezer all the time.  Going to a party?  My family can still have cake!  We just bring our own.  Even gluten eaters gobble up my homemade baked goods.

i hope your son feels better soon! 

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