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On 1/24/2017 at 0:22 PM, Fbmb said:

I just saw that you replied to this!

My anxiety has been bad lately. It's been pretty terrible actually. But I am trying to keep things in perspective and not let myself get out of control. Like today I googled "floating stools" and panicked over my pancreas. Stuff like that. :( 

for the first few years, i would freak out once a month over my sudden lack of digestion - what was i eating wronggg?????!!!  but it was my hormones (pms) just something to remember in case that affects you.   lolz, after i remembered, i just ate whatever (gluten-free) junk i wanted, because it wasn't going to digest well, anyway...... :rolleyes:

you are not doing it wrong.  if you can tolerate (gluten-free) bread, pasta and cereal, by all means, eat it!  if your taste buds are happier, you will find it easier to stick to the diet :)  honestly, i think when the inflammation goes, you lose alot of water weight.  i was so malnourished that i gained weight almost immediately.  like others have said, many of us 'level out' with our weight but in the beginning it may fluctuate.  welcome to the club you never wanted to join (but we're cool.  and we have snacks ;)  )

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