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I got the results back from my upper endoscope today. He said I am doing good (Healing), just have inflammation, and to maintain a gluten-free diet and my nexium. They removed a few polyps from my stomach and intestine and they came back negative for cancer and bacteria.

I was given pictures from the scope but do not know what I am looking for here. Opinions from anyone or a rating at how bad this inflammation is? NOTE I did black out my personal information in the corners of the pictures. Thanks for any input.




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I'm not a trained medical professional, so take this with a grain of salt.

It looks like you have some nice normal coloring: the light pink bubblegum color.

Inflammation would be the red color. It looks like you have some radial red streaking and red blotches.

If he will send your your original pictures, then you can see how much pink/red coloring you started out with, and how much improvement you've made.

Improvement is great, congratulations!

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