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Has anybody tried Kevita or Synergy?

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Without getting into detail, I'm in need of a probiotic. I can't have casein and what worries me is that it seems like a lot of probiotics SAY they're gluten free but still contain amounts of it (http://www.glutenfreeandmore.com/news/Is-There-Gluten-in-Your-Probiotics-4293-1.html) - scary study to me...if I was to guess, I'd think it was something IN the bacteria causing those levels (what they're fed) but a study like that kind of leaves you hanging as to what's causing those gluten levels. Kevita & Synergy Kombucha seem like great options for me because I have some issues swallowing pills and they're both in beverage form but my question is has anybody had these without an issue? If it IS what the bacteria is being fed causing elevated gluten levels in many probiotic supplements then I would think that anything with that bacteria COULD be effected...any insight would be great, I'm in need of a probiotic but I'm trying to be as safe as I can 

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I think that cross contamination in manufacturing/material sourcing is most likely the root cause of some probiotics having measurable amounts of gluten.  

I use Bio-K probiotics.  They are in a liquid form and there are several mediums to choose from (soy, dairy, rice-based).  The are certified gluten free.  Big guns, but I just bought some since I am fight a tooth infection.  They were originally recommmended by my old doctor.


 I also have used Country Life shelf-stable probiotics.  These are also certified gluten free, but are in capsules.  

Finally, I have been consuming lots of plain yogurt and sauerkraut daily (well not the sauerkraut......).   

I have been gluten free for almost four years now.  I do not take any supplements and prefer to get my nutrients from food.  But, I do use them as needed when I have a medical issue (like iron-deficiency anemia or after a course of antibiotics).  

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