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(Help)Anyone else have pain all the time?

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Since around Christmas or maybe before then I can't even remember a time where I wasn't in pain. I've had back pain shoulder pain, and leg pain, cramping in my pelvic I can hardly stand today doc diagnosed me with GERD last week. I don't know...I feel like it's something else.

Anyone else have these pains, like a sharp cramping like a knife stabbing you in the back and bottom area? Pressure...feels like pressure and the worse cramps ever.

It gets worse at night, I can't function anymore, don't go anywhere can't do anything I feel like crying...

I hope I get some answers maybe one of you guy have similiar pains? So I can narrow this down tired of doctors telling me I'm fine or having everything come back normal when I can't even stand without hurting.


Gone to 5 different doctors over the course of the passed two months I don't know what else to do...

Thanks for reading...


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Have you been still eating gluten or do you think you have had regular cross contamination with gluten? Because that could  cause you to aching muscles and cramps in your stomach and lower toward your intestines possibly? I often before i got diagnosed felt extremely tired, had aching muscles and cramps along with feeling like my mind was in a fog.

Have you had the doctor also test you don't have lyme disease? You don't always get a rash or know you were bitten by a tick if it was in an obscure place on your body. I would get the doctor to rule this out as a cause just in case. I have had lymes disease before but luckily i had a rash but in know it can be harder for doctors to diagnose if they didn't know you were bitten by a tick and it can be mistaken for other illnesses.


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