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Gluten Free Potluck/Family Style Gathering - Need Ideas!

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Hey there,

I have a completely gluten-free kitchen.  I attend a weekly community group and am trying to host at my house more often so that I don't have to deal with contamination (or bringing my own separate food).  

So, I (the host) usually cook one main item, while everyone else brings accompanying things.  For example, Tacos - I would cook meat, different people would bring tortilla chips, salsa, sour cream, cheese, etc.  Another example - Chili - I cook chili and they bring cheese, chips, sour cream, but this leaves me with a very expensive portion of the meal and it is a big group.  I need ideas where I can feed 20ish people and not be stuck with the majority of the expense!  There are of a lot of college kids in the group and so there are only 3-4 of us who can bring cooked/prepared dishes.  There are also a boatload of kids.  The group has done spaghetti (someone brings bread though so I don't want to try this), breakfast for dinner (waffles - even though I didn't eat one I still got glutened somehow), pizza with people bringing toppings (I might try this, I am okay with cooking gluten-free crusts even though I won't eat them).

I need ideas for this!!!  What can I cook where I am only cooking a portion of the meal and everyone else is bringing complementary items?  I am dairy free so the main dish can't have dairy or I myself can't eat it.  I am also grain free, oh boy this gets complicated fast doesn't it?  Ideas!!!?!?!?!

Many many many thanks!

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Soups?  Ham and bean, chicken rice, veggie.  Baked potatoes and all the fixings.  Spaghetti, Gluten free.  Build a salad (egg, tuna, lunch meat).  Egg casserole and fruit.  

But, it would be easier just to bring your own meal to someone else's house.  

Welcome to the forum!

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HotPot/Nabe basically a huge soup pot you provide the noddles, since your grain free, I would suggest Sea Tangle Kelp noodles, No Oodles, or Miracle noodles, or Miracle rice. Ask everyone else to bring "FRESH" veggies, meats etc. you see what they bring and you choose the seasoning that would accompany what gets brought. Used to do crazy mystery pots this way at conventions. Works with wok stir frys also huge veggie and meat mixes and you provide the rice/noodles/sauces I suggest coconut secret amino based garlic, teriyaki, and base blends and organicville sky valley  ones for these.


^Sources for foods, ingredients, etc. Should be a link to thrive market there, they have the sauces and kelp noodles, Miracle noodles you need to go to their site on that link for the best deal for them and the rice or order on thrive for a higher rate, No Oodles are best on amazon price wise. If you wish to use real rice or noodles Lotus makes ramen ones and kits, Lundenberg has all kinds of rice, noodles, rice meal kits.


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Do you have a grill?  Grilled chicken/pork chops/fajitas?  People could bring the sides? Or loaded baked potatoes? guests bring the bacon, butter, sour cream, cheese and even brisket?  Or a brisket as a main dish - people bring the salad and beans? Breakfast tacos bar - tortillas, scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage, potatoes, salsa?

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Do you have a crockpot?  Throw in a roast, a ham, a bunch of chicken wings or legs, or any other meat.  Have some of 20+ attendees chip in for the main dish instead of bringing a side.  

As mentioned before, do a food bar.  Taco bar, baked potato bar,  salad bar.  Have a hot dog bar if you eat hot dogs/brats.

Have lettuce wraps.  Basically sandwich fixin's but no bread or buns.  Verify this is OK with folks first (with any luck they are understanding accommodating people)

Do an egg scramble (easier than omelettes) - meats can include bacon, sausage, or ham, veggies can be diced peppers (bell or hot!), onions (yellow, sweet, red or green), mushrooms, etc.  Either diced potatoes in the scramble or hashbrowns on the side. 

I'm trying to think of an easy way to do an Asian buffet  or stirfry.  Seasonings get tricky. I forget - do you eat rice?  You could sub cauliflower rice?

I've done the pizza party thing for a 3rd grade birthday party.  We made individual pizza crusts for each girl & they added their own toppings.  I baked the pizzas on parchment paper lined cookie sheets, so I could write their names on the paper next to their own pizza.  Might be hard to do for your sized crowd tho.  

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