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16 month old just got diagnosed with celiac

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Welcome! I'm glad you found it so young....

Usually, for the first 6 months, this group recommends mostly whole foods. Meats, fruits, veggies, nut butters, hummus. No eating in restaurants etc. I don't think that will be much different for adults or young kids. The big difference is that the common snacks that most kids eat will not be an option for your daughter (but honestly that might be a good thing).  I think this will become more of an issue as she gets older and goes to school, birthday parties etc.  

At my childrens' school, there are several kids with life threatening allergies (peanut, lactose, etc). It might be a good idea to ask similar parents how they handle those situations. Our friends make peanut free, dairy free cupcakes once a month and freeze them. Then bring them to birthday parties so that their children can participate. 

Some people have trouble with dairy at the beginning. I would talk to your pedi/GI doc about what milk/dairy source to provide. 

You may also consider making your household gluten free. I have talked to parents of celiac kids and they find it easier. As for me, when my kids were 3-4, they got into everything!  and 1,2, 5, 6 etc :). It would be hard to keep them out of the gluten snacks!

Good luck!


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Making your home gluten free would be ideal.  My one gluten eater gets her gluten fix outside of our home.  It just makes it so much easier on the rest of the family. 

Preparing Whole Foods is best, especially during the healing process.  Save gluten-free snacks for special treats.  I personally held off feeling my kid junk food until she was exposed to it in school.    Her Ped said that her health chart was thin (before electronic files) compared to kids on a Standard American diet full of processed foods who had thick files (indicating lots of visits and illness.). 

By school age, research a 504 plan if you live in the US.  This will help insure that administration and teachers will keep you child away from gluten.  

It can seem overwhelming at first, but soon it will feel normal and your daughter will feel good.  


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