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Gluten free in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Tennessee

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Hello All,

I will be traveling to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in a few weeks and am looking for gluten free friendly places to eat. I can find the chain restaurants on my own but am hoping for recommendations for any smaller independent type places. Thanks! 

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It has been several years since I was there but I ate successfully at:

The Pottery House Café and Grille, I believe I only had a salad here though.

The Old Mill


and the Alamo

We cooked in several nights due to a Rod Run being in town and traffic being insane and had one night where I got glutened at Johnny Carino's.   

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we were just there in january (stayed in pigeon forge) and there are 2 mellow mushrooms in pf, one in gatlinburg.  ate at both in pf and was safe (one on the island and one on the parkway <the one on the parkway had a bigger menu) margaritaville on the island was delicious and safe (the manager even came out to our table and asked if there were any other dietary issues the kitchen should be concerned with) and we also ate at hurricane harrys on the parkway <also delicious and safe) 

i know these are sort of chain restaurants, but we were on a schedule, so, no time to explore off the beaten path.  there was a candy store in gatlinburg on the strip that had gluten-free candy (caramel!  yum!) and i bought some yummy mustards from a place called 'all sauced up' lolz  look on find me gluten free app - there were a few places i wanted to try/had good reviews, but were not open or we weren't able to fit them into our schedule when they were open.  one was the pigeon forge deli, the other was crystelle creek (gatlinburg).   if you try any of those, please let us know how they were!  i had a good, safe visit. 

welcome to tennesee :)

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